Data Dwell for Salesforce Solution Engineers and Architects

The Sales Content Enablement Software Built For Salesforce Solution Engineers and Architects

Data Dwell is the only 100% Native Sales Content Enablement software developed specifically to help Salesforce Solution Engineers and Solution Architects to manage, surface, and track content performance from within Salesforce. And that means you and your teams can work faster, smarter, and more effectively – again and again.

Data Dwell transforms Salesforce use

  • Manage Content

    Data Dwell stores, tags, and makes content easy to find and share, all directly within Salesforce.

  • Surface Assets

    Data Dwell can automatically surface and recommend key content to users, directly in Salesforce records.

  • Identify Visitors

    Data Dwell uses in-depth content engagement metrics to help Pardot identify unknown visitors later in the cycle.

  • Track Performance

    Data Dwell uses more data points than any other solution to report on content use, engagement, and interaction, directly in the Salesforce dashboards and reports.

Trusted by some of the most successful organizations in the world

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The Content Management You Need in Salesforce

A lack of file storage and document management in Salesforce used to be a problem for solution engineers and architects. Not any more. Data Dwell’s seamless integration ensures you can quickly and simply store, tag, find and share content all within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Instant automation, zero development

When you want automated workflows based on users’ activity or prospect interaction, the last thing you need is weeks of development. Data Dwell gives you all the customization you need to trigger those flows, send emails, surface and share content based on a number of content engagement metrics.

The smarter way to share content

A targeted and streamlined sales funnel relies on content positioned in the most relevant places and shared at the most effective time. Data Dwell automatically surfaces the best-performing assets in Salesforce records at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Managers and marketing can also make direct recommendations - so reps always have access to the content they should be sharing with their prospects.

Deeper analysis, better reporting

Because Data Dwell is built in Salesforce, for Salesforce, it accesses more in-depth analytics - including prospect information and content usage data - than any other sales enablement provider. Combining the most granular content engagement metrics with data from Pardot, Salesloft, and other integrations, you never have to guess how your content is performing or who is viewing it.

Support your clients’ needs with the sales enablement software that’s native to Salesforce

The benefits of a native solution over API integrations

  • Easier set up

    same platform, same formats, the same ecosystem

  • Faster implementation

    no complicated connections, no learning curves

  • Simpler UX

    one location, one login

  • Quicker onboarding

    deploy in weeks not months

  • Deeper analysis

    more data points, more reliable reporting

  • Better results

    a more powerful, morecost effective solution

Work the way you want with Data Dwell’s seamless integrations
  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce

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