Have questions about Sales Enablement for Salesforce or Digital Asset Management?

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Our most successful customers follow a bespoke demo of the platform and then our guided onboarding process. We found this to be the fastest, easiest way to get set up with Data Dwell.

  • What comes as a standard?

    Our standard plan includes storage, positioning, intelligent promotion of content, sharing, external/internal tracking, reporting/analytics and support all @ just $35 per user per month.

  • How does pricing work?

    For most customers, pricing is based on the number of users who will have access to the selected product. We have flexible pricing solutions to fit most budgets, from small teams to multinational corporations.

    See our per user per month cost pricing for Sales Enablement here: https://datadwell.com/sales-enablement

    For Digital Asset Management, there is a user cost + data storage cost, see here: https://datadwell.com/digital-asset-management

    Both are billed annually.

  • Are there any extras I have to, or can choose to pay for?

    If you are interested in users being able to edit content, such as any MS Office documents, directly within Salesforce just ask us about our content editing plan. This functionality is an additional $10 per user per month.

  • What does it cost to store content?

    Digital Asset Management has competitive data storage costs with high security, compliance and failover.

    Our Sales Enablement product uses the typically underutilised storage you already have within Salesforce Files. Our customers typically only use under 10% to store all the content they could ever need.

  • Who owns the customer data?

    You do. Data Dwell does not have any access to or visibility of any customer CRM data.

  • I’ve got more questions!

    We love questions. That’s why we personalize our demos to your needs. This is the fastest way to get all your answers. You can request your demo by simply emailing datadwell@ypopov.2create.studio, by completing any of the forms here on the website or speaking to us via webchat :)

  • What if I don't use Salesforce?

    Data Dwell Sales Enablement for Salesforce is built on the Salesforce platform, therefore we only work with companies currently using Salesforce as their CRM.