Looking for the Best Highspot Alternatives?

Highspot vs Data Dwell

About Highspot

Highspot is one of the leading sales enablement platforms that’s built specifically to meet the needs of sales reps. It helps sales teams drive growth by focusing on customer conversations, and delivers a range of features including intelligent content management, training, contextual guidance, customer engagement, and actionable analytics.

About Data Dwell

Data Dwell is the only sales enablement platform that’s Salesforce-Native. It’s built specifically in the Salesforce ecosystem and moves beyond sales to help organizations deliver a comprehensive customerjourney. Using granular content analytics for deeper insight and more powerful reporting, Data Dwell drives revenue at every opportunity.

What are the key differences betweenHighspot and Data Dwell?

Both Data Dwell and Highspot share many of the same features you’d expect from any effective sales enablementplatform. But while Highspot focuses on a better experience for sales reps, Data Dwell goes further, deliveringthe tools, resources and capabilities that empower all commercial teams and support customer success.

1. Data Dwell is the leader in sales enablement software,independently rated as ‘Level 4: Insightful” by Trust Enablement

In the 2022 State of Sales Enablement Content Insights Report by Trust Enablement, Highspot is given a ‘Level 3: Informative’ ranking. Data Dwell is the leader, outperforming Highspot as the only vendor rated ‘Level 4: Insightful.’

Highspot’s Level 3:

  • Ties content usage to specific accounts, deals or stages
  • Identifies what content is never used
  • Measures overall enablement programs
  • Helps determine overall ROI
  • Enable sales reps

Data Dwell’s Level 4:

  • Ties content usage to specific accounts deals and stages
  • Identifies what content is never used
  • Measures individual AND overall enablement programs
  • Helps determine ROI of specificprograms and specific content
  • Factors potential ROI into the prioritization process
  • Drills down into granular analytics
  • Enables team members across the entire organization

“Data Dwell supports the Revenue Enablement functions acrossthe entire customer journey and it has reached the highest maturitylevel of an enablement standpoint.”

The Enablement Maturity Index for Reporting

Compare the differences:

See How Data Dwell Compares To Highspot

See How Data Dwell Compares To Highspot

4. Data Dwell provides a bigger reach, deeper analysis,

and better results compared with Highspot

  • More integrations and support

    Data Dwell seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’sbiggest and most usedproducts, along with asuite of other leading salesand marketing tools

  • More granular content analytics

    Data Dwell accesses more data - at a more granular level - than any other sales enablement provider, directly tracking and analyzing individual content performance

  • More effective document management

    Data Dwell surfaces the right documents and sales content, to the right users, at the right time, and improves content sharing through personalized digital sales rooms or “digital content hubs”

  • More ROI insight

    Data Dwell attributes revenue to individual content pieces, at every stage of the customer journey, so you always know what’s working and what isn’t

5. Leading companies prefer and trust Data Dwell over Highspot

“I wish we’d found Data Dwell earlier! We would never have used the previous provider, because the business intelligence that we get from Data Dwell, and the visibility for content and for marketing is great. And the team is amazing.”
Lisa Sedlmayr,
Content Manager at Red Points

And why we’ve got 5 star reviews across every independent review platform

6. Where Highspot falls short, Data Dwell excels

Highspot lacks:

  • Detailed, effectiveanalytics

  • Integrations withplatforms and products

  • Comprehensive,customizable reports

  • Automations betweenplatform and CRM

  • Fast implementationtime

Data Dwell delivers:

  • Granular contentanalytics

  • Seamless integrations

  • More competitivepricing

  • Access for awider team

  • Comprehensive,customizable reports

  • Automations betweenplatform and CRM

  • Fast implementationtime

  • Complete revenueenablement

See How Data Dwell Compares To Highspot