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Revenue Enablement is the ‘hottest’ term in sales, marketing and operational circles this year, and organizations big and small are asking how they can take advantage of this new and improved approach to sales enablement.

At Data Dwell, we’re passionate advocates of the benefits that a revenue-centric approach can bring to your business. We believe sales enablement has been superseded by revenue enablement, and want to share with you exactly why you need to start taking it seriously.

We’ve pulled together all the latest thinking on revenue enablement right here. Whether you’re just getting started learning about this new approach or you want to dig deeper into how to apply revenue enablement processes in your organisation, you’ll find all the information you need below.


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Understanding Revenue Enablement

If you’re looking for a quick overview of revenue enablement to make sure you know all the basics, we’ve got you covered. 

What is revenue enablement? 

Revenue enablement is a process, an approach and an organizational attitude that more and more businesses are adopting to drive revenue at every touchpoint. It shifts the focus from sales to customers, positioning the right content, with the right people, at the right time. Most importantly, it’s applied across every single department a customer interacts with.

Why is it important?

Potential buyers—and existing customers—are demanding more. They expect a great experience through every single interaction with your organization. Revenue enablement shifts the focus from a sales journey to a customer journey. It helps unite all departments and gives every member of your team the tools and the content they need to continually drive revenue through cold leads, hot prospects, new buyers or loyal customers.

Who does revenue enablement affect?

Revenue enablement should be deployed at every stage of the customer journey and owned by every department that interacts with buyers. Marketing, Sales, Onboarding, Accounts, Legal and Customer Success. It should be used to win more customers and retain them, encouraging renewals, referrals and upsells just as much as the initial sale.  

Is revenue enablement effective?

With the right software, the right training and the right content, revenue enablement supports every department in their aligned goals of giving the customer the best possible experience (and increasing revenue at every opportunity). 

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